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Secret Diagnostic Codes to Test & Check Phone Hardware Condition

It is always nice when things last longer than usual. That's how you know you've spent your money right. But unfortunately, mobile phones don't last long like how we wanted. Every mobile phone has an expiry date although this can not be stopped but can be postponed. A simple diagnosis that almost anyone can do in a mobile phone is a beneficial thing to do to ensure your phone is working how it's supposed to.

By making this diagnosis, you can predict almost any issue before it worsens on your mobile phone. There are numerous advantages to do these simple tests using number codes that are nearly a secret. A few benefits of doing this test are...

· Dead Pixel Tests

· Bluetooth connectivity

· Wifi Diagnostics

· Outer and inner hardware testing

· Display checking

· GPS testing

· Camera and Microphone Testing

· Battery testing

There are built-in diagnostic tools that can help to do these tests. Unfortunately, these built-in tools for each android and iPhones can not be accessed very easily, and some of the mobile phones don't even have a proper diagnostic option at all.

Built-In Tools


Almost every android phones have these simple built-in tools hidden somewhere in their OS. Accessing these are just as easy as calling your friend. These tools can be found by typing a few codes on your phone's mobile number dialer. Type these codes on your mobile phone, and the further menus should open automatically.

*#0*# Hidden Diagnostic Menu

Typing this code offers you access to a few hardware tests such as touch screen recognitions, colour accuracy, volume, camera, sensor and physical buttons like the volume and the power buttons. Although these codes work on a few mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9, it does not work on a Pixel XL.

*#*#4636#*#* Usage Information Menu

This menu will show up on more devices than the hidden diagnostics menu, but the information shared will be different between devices. At the very least, you should be able to see app usage history; real-time wifi and cellular network connection stats; and necessary phone information like the current service carrier, phone number, et cetera.


Unfortunately, there are no such codes available to do such diagnosis on an iPhone. Since Apple is notorious for its products being "walled gardens," which makes it hard for users to perform check-ups and DIY fixes for their devices.

But there are a few insights that the user can access using the settings app on an iPhone, and it provides information like Battery performance and history.

The only way to do such tests on an iPhone is to install apps that run these tests on the mobile phone and provide you with a full test insight. Some of the mobile phone apps that help do a full diagnose on your apple phone are as follows...

· Test M(iPhone)

· Phone Check

· Phone Doctor Plus

· Test My Device


Performing such tests will not help to fix your phone, but it can notify you of the issues that are growing inside your phone. This way you can either fix it yourself or get it fixed by a local mobile repair shop in Chennai.


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