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How to Troubleshoot a Dead Laptop

Imagine working on an essential document, and your laptop just shuts down, and when you try switching it on, it doesn't switch on. The worst part is you won't know why it happened or how it happened. The next best thing would be to try and find the problem and fix your laptop. In this blog, you'll learn how to troubleshoot your laptop. You can also find the common laptop problems and solutions in this blog. Once you follow these techniques to try and fix your laptop, you will be good to go, but if you still find your laptop malfunctioning, anyone would recommend you to take your laptop to a laptop service centre in Chennai. Some of the solutions for a laptop problem are as follows:

Totally Dead

This is one scenario where your laptop is completely dead and won't switch on at all. You might seem helpless at this situation, but here's what you should do if this happens to you:

1. Make sure your charging port on the wall is working and if it does, make sure the ac adapter from the wall outlet is working to ensure if the laptop is charging.

2. Test the AC adapted with a voltmeter to make sure current is passing through it.

3. Once you're done checking if the adapter is working and if it does, check if the battery is working and remove it and put it back inside the laptop carefully, when you put the battery back inside the laptop, try switching on your laptop to see if it's working.

4. If it still doesn't work, try replacing the AC adapter for another one. I would suggest you buy a new one as it will work better on your laptop.

Blank Screen

In this scenario, your laptop turns on like all the other time making its normal startup and even the LED light switches on, but a blank screen appears. Before you try fixing it have a closer look at the screen if maybe the screen is on and it isn't showing correctly. This could be because of the low backlight. If your laptop isn't showing anything at all, then connect it to another external monitor, for example, a TV with an HDMI port or such.

You can select external ad internal modes in your laptop using the Fn keys. The following are the keys that will help you with selecting your external and internal display.

· Press Fn and F4 simultaneously on an HP laptop.

· Press Fn and F5 keys simultaneously on Toshiba laptops.

· Press Fn and F6 on IBM laptops.

Each and every laptop has its own combination to toggle its internal and external display.

If your laptop displays on an external monitor but not on the laptop's display itself. Then the problem can be:

· Chances are the screen itself isn't working. Replace it with a new one.

· Replace your video cable as the old one must have failed.

· The motherboard itself has stopped working. In this case, take your laptop to a laptop service centre in Chennai so that they can get it fixed for you.

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