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How to Fix the No SIM Card Detected Error

Imagine getting messages like "No Service", "Sim Initialization Failure", "No Sim Card Detected", or even "Sim Card not Detected" when you need to make an urgent call. That the worst-case scenario for anyone making an urgent call. We have all been there, suffered that. Ever wondered why these messages are popping up on your screen when you try your old sim on your new phone or even worse, the messages popping up out of nowhere. This could probably be happening to you because you might not have inserted the sim properly. But this could not be the only reason, and there, and there are many reasons why your sim card is not recognized. However, there are a few things that can be done to instantly fix these problems occurring in your Android phone.

Power Cycling your Phone

To reboot your phone is the quickest way to fix this problem. When your phone is rebooted, the OS tries to re-establish the connection with the network which it failed to do on the first time.

To restart your mobile phone, you need to follow a few steps:

· Hold your phone's power button until the reboot menu displays on your screen.

· Click the "Restart" or "Reboot" option depending on what type of android mobile phone you're using.

· Confirm your selection in the next screen.

· Wait until your phone restarts back again.

Reinsert Sim Card

A Sim Card will not be read properly by your phone if you have inserted your Sim Card incorrectly, or there might be a problem with the Sim slot itself. There is also a possibility that your sim slot could be filled with dirt, causing it not to function correctly.

Things to do to fix this issue is:

· Turn off your mobile phone before removing the lid on the back of your smartphone.

· Remove the battery to get to the SIM card slot. (There are android phones where the SIM slot is not covered by the battery which means that you don't have to remove the battery at all.)

· Remove the SIM card and use a brush or dry cloth to clean the SIM card slot.

· Reinsert your SIM then power on your device.

Airplane Mode

When both rebooting and removing the sim card did not help, there may be nothing wrong with your sim card in the first place. Try inserting the same sim card in a different mobile phone, and if it works then, you might have to get your mobile phone fixed rather than trying to fix this issue, taking it to a local mobile service center in chennai and getting it fixed right away is the next best thing to do.

Although there is one last thing, you can do before losing hope. Airplane mode is almost as same as rebooting your mobile phone without actually rebooting it. It helps disconnect and re-establish the network. To turn on your airplane mode:

· Pull down the notification/ toggle screen on your phone's home screen.

· Find the airplane mode or Flight mode then tap on it.

· You should confirm your action for you to enable this feature.

· Wait for a full minute before toggling Airplane mode off.


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